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Don’t get a 20k fine get a right to work check

Prompt Payer have teamed up with Colossus Systems in order to provide our clients with the ultimate peace of mind when conducting their recruitment processes. As we know how time consuming the recruitment process can be, we have found a solution to ensure your employment checks are carried out in a quick, compliant and efficient manner, that are simple for the candidate to use and for the hiring manager to process.

Pre-employment checks are a part of the recruitment process and are usually conducted by the recruiters and hiring managers. Pre-employment checks are an important stage of the process and are designed to ensure you’re not putting your business at risk.

The types of pre-employment checks we offer include:

Right to Work Checks 

Right to work checks are a legal requirement by the home office to verify that the person you intend to employ, has the right to work in the UK. Failure to comply with this can result in the company being fined up to £20,000 for each member of staff that is found not to have the right work in the UK.

How our right to work checks can help

We understand that the right to work check process can be daunting, costly and time consuming to carry out. Our partner system enables you and your business to abide by the current immigration and GDPR legislation. It’s an online tool, which makes it easy and accessible to use by hiring managers, employers and candidates. The software not only allows for the easy uploading and verification of documents, it also alerts you to the fact that the document might have expired 3 months prior to expiration. The system automatically updates inline with any legislation changes, giving you the peace of mind that you are always compliant.

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