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If you run a small business, or have just started up one, it is important to have the correct small business insurance so that you are adequately covered. For example, if someone makes a claim against you or the contents of your business premises are damaged or stolen, you need to be insured so you are not left in a financially unstable position.

Public liability cover protects you if a third party person is injured, or third party property is damaged as a direct result of your business activities on your premises. For example, if you run a café and a customer trips over a cable from a vacuum cleaner and breaks their arm as a result of tripping over. The customer would be within their rights to claim for compensation because of the injury they have suffered on your premises.

Having public liability cover means that things like medical costs and legal fees are covered so you don’t have to pay out of your pocket. Another example would be if a letter from your sign dropped onto and damaged someone’s car, they would be able to claim against for damages to their car. Public liability cover would ensure that all related fees would be covered.

We are totally independent and will happily arrange bespoke risk. Our panel of Insurance Companies is one of the largest around and between them we have many thousands of different schemes available to us.

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