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This is an introduction to the VAT rules relating to bad debts, and the adjustments that debtor and creditor are required to make. Why Is the payment late? There is no provision in VAT Law to provide an explanation why the payment has not been made. The sole condition is that the payment is late. […]

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Late Payments

Late payments are an issue for more than half (53%) of Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), according to Zurich’s latest SME Risk Index. The total owed to British SMEs by their customers currently amounts to over £225bn, with one in five (20%) owed more than £25,000, one in ten (8%) £100,000 or more, while […]

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When Debt Collection Fails

We obviously try very hard to collect the money you are owed, but when we can’t then Court action might be the only route. The process for making a claim is very straight forward and can be done online. I have outlined the process below. Your claim is made by you using The defendant […]

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Credit Checks

We are pleased to offer all of our members instant online International Credit Checking. We offer: Instant information to over 139 million reports from more than 200 countries We offer the fastest and most available service in the UK We can meet your specific business needs with personalised bespoke solutions Our sophisticated technology and low […]

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What Is Prompt Payer And What Can It Do For You?

These questions will help to make your mind up. 1. Are you having difficulty with Bad Debts? Prompt Payer offers: A collections system. Free online invoicing. Factoring and invoice discounting. Debt collection. 2. Are you unsure of your credit ratings? Prompt Payer can: Provide an instant enhancement on your credit rating. Provide free Company Identity […]

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